Oniccah Sekano was born on the 19th July 1978 in Rustenburg Northwest, her talent and passion for music was noted and cultivated both at school and at church.

After matriculating in 1996, she left home to pursue her music career in Johannesburg.

As is common with new artists in big cities her talent was exploited and she was eventually forced to abandon her dream. After the passing of her father in 1997 who was always supportive of her chosen career path, she decided to give herself another chance and relocated to Cape Town in 2000 where she hoped to get into a music college.

This proved too expensive, but determined to ultimately realise her dreams she kept her passion alive by taking a job in a music store and singing in the local church choir. It was here that Oniccah realised her ministry would be through music.

After raising enough money from savings she bought a guitar and keyboard, guided only by faith, her love for music and the Holy Spirit, she taught herself how to play both instruments. Still determined to realise her dream, she saved more money to record her 1st album, SHINE. Oniccah’s story is one of faith, perseverance and sacrifice in the quest for the attainment of her dreams.

She hopes her success will afford her the opportunity to show gratitude for God’s grace in her journey by establishing a Music Academy which will focus not only on the development of new talent, but also be a place that would provide new artists with industry know-how which will protect them from exploitation as they work towards developing their music careers.